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Please select Bike & Box service if you would like a bike box sent to your collection address ahead of pickup.
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Packages must not exceed maximum dimensions of 60cm x 60cm x 60cm, or two sides to collectively exceed 1.2m, with the exception of fixed price products i.e. bikes

How SuperSent works

SuperSent is here to help you send your parcel easily and with confidence.

Our affordable and accessible fresh approach to box courier services paired with our dedicated online portal makes sending a parcel globally a breeze. 

With five years of developing a specialism in providing bicycle courier services, we wanted to provide an effortless solution for our clients to book courier parcels at a competitive cost, whilst reducing the stress surrounding the booking and tracking process. 

We are here to help you move your packages and boxes around the world and the UK. Our courier partners are specialists in the reliable delivery of your parcels such as sports equipment, musical instruments, bicycles and sending your holiday luggage safely unaccompanied to your destination.

Stress-free Shipping

Through the SuperSent portal within your personal account area, you will have full access to all of your previous order history, and current parcel tracking references, providing you with the confidence and security that your package is in safe hands, as you can follow your parcel during the duration of travel.

Easy Price Comparison

As you will want to ensure that you are getting the best value when you ship your parcel, SuperSent makes it convenient for you to take a quick look on our site and complete a price comparison against any previous box delivery quote. The majority of our package courier products can be found easily online.

Group Bookings

With your dedicated B2B portal you will both save time and benefit from cost savings with the SuperSent specialised business rates. Need to know what we ship? View our additional details here.

How Our Prices Compare

Check how our freight prices compare to other popular parcel carrier and airline operators below.

Item of luggage Ryanair One Way
10kg bag
30kg bag
Golf clubs £30.00 £40.00 £40.00 £40.00
Skis £45.00 £50.00 £50.00 £50.00
Bicycle £60.00 £75.00 £75.00 £75.00

Prices are subject to change. Ryan Air and Parcel Force prices correct at time they were checked in 2020.

Ship Worldwide

We can safely move your consignment to over 30 plus countries.

Accessible worldwide shipping service

We can safely move your consignment to over 30 plus countries, to help you send your competition bicycle to the event for a race, or transport your musical instrument to your performance venue. SuperSent takes away the stress of having to worry about the consignment travelling unaccompanied, as you can follow your package online through your personal customer portal. Need to send your parcel in a hurry, don't worry we have that covered with our next day delivery service within the UK. for full details on where we ship check here.

SuperSent Insurance

Our customers are confident in our comprehensive insurance package, custom made for senders looking for protection during transit for both low and high-value consignments.

With SuperSent insurance, your articles are protected up to £10,000 per consignment.

The full details of our insurance can be found here

Premium Packaging

SuperSent understands that when shipping high-value items in the UK and abroad, you need to ensure that your items are packaged correctly, to comply with courier package size specifications, and to ensure that they are not damaged during the journey. That's why we offer competitive packaging online to arrive before your collection date, currently for your bike ahead of the collection. We are looking to add more custom packaging options soon....

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Bicycle Shipping

When booking your bike collection with Supersent you can also order your Bike box and packaging sundries all at the same time online to arrive before your courier collects your bike.

Golf Club Shipping

Looking to send you golf clubs ahead to a holiday venue or golf club, SuperSent can help you safely package your golfing equipment by providing affordable boxes online. SuperSent can help you with packaging coming soon.

Ski Shipping

SuperSent has packaging options to help you easily pack your skis ready for your courier collection and safe return from your Ski adventure. SuperSent can help you with packaging coming soon.

What Our Customer’s Say

“Everything exactly as described. As a sender of a bicycle you have the distinct impression that cycle sent are as keen for it to arrive promptly, undamaged and as easily as can be as you do. And it does!”

Dave Thomas

Google Review

“Very efficient company. Collect when they say they will and the next day. Quick response with emails to. Highly recommend using them”

Kevin Hayward

Google Review

“Brilliant service. Emails responded to promptly and kept informed at every step. Guidelines for bike packaging were very helpful. Never knew sending a bike to the other side of the country would be this simple. Thank you.”

Sue Evans

Google Review

“Needed to courier my bike home as no room for it on the sleeper train back from Crianlarich. I packed it in to a bike box and left it in Oban Cycles care, thanks guys, for the courier to pick up the next day. It was safely delivered to our home in Basingstoke 2 days later in the same condition I had packed it. Thanks for a great service”

Steven Reakes

Trustpilot Review

“The guy who picked my bike was amazing. It was a light fit past a car on the driveway and he took it totally in his stride. I’m sure my heavy 23 kg old fashioned bike weighed the full 25 kg by time I added on the lock and helmet. I was sceptical and it certainly took longer ( and cost more) from Northern Ireland to lancs than the 24 hours within UK advertised but the box arrived and I got it packed and I could only praise the service. Would use cycle sent again.”


Trustpilot Review

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Group Bookings

Does your business need to send multiple parcels? Arranging multiple collections from your business for delivery into your customers can be hugely time-consuming, with our SuperSent portal, you can take advantage of the added convenience of group parcel bookings.

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