How to ship your bike to Europe

Bike Shipping to Europe: What is it and how do we help?

What is bike shipping in Europe?

Like it says on the tin, bike shipping to Europe allows your bicycle to be collected and safely transported to a variety of locations around Europe – providing convenience and peace of mind when it matters most.

Using the SuperSent client portal to book your collection, and perhaps a packing box, alongside your packing labels for collection and even the delivery back in one place, has never been easier.

Once confirmed, and if you have chosen packaging as an option our team will send out a robust bicycle box and packing materials ready to pack your bike. Then, once it’s wrapped up, we collect your item and ensure it is delivered to your agreed physical location for your requested date, within your client area you will have access to full track and trace.

Quick and simple, our selection of shipping options ensures there are choices for you or your group, letting you prepare and pack your property with ease.

Who would want bike shipping in Europe?

Our European cycle delivery options are used by a wide range of professional, hobbyist, or family riders enabling our clients to ship their favourite make and model ahead into Europe and book the safe return home all in one customer postal area. Previous clients have included riders and racers looking to compete in remote locations who would otherwise struggle to safely bring their own bike. Or it can be groups of charity riders looking to compete in runs throughout the continent – providing peace of mind and simplifying transport options for all. Or it can be as simple as a group on a family holiday looking to bring familiar or customised bikes from home, and return them after their holiday has finished. There can even be an added cost saving for a group booking.

No matter who you are, our packages help you enjoy the range of scenery, climates, and challenges that Europe is famous for – allowing you to make the most out of your trip without having to stress about transport, safety, and more when choosing to “ship my bike to Europe” hassle free.

What are the benefits of bike shipping throughout Europe?

Choosing to ship your bike to Europe carries a number of key benefits. These include-

Familiarity: Whether you are using your bike to compete or simply taking it for a spin on beautiful European soil, being able to do it with comfort and confidence is a massive help.

Safety: While many will choose to travel to Europe in their own car or van, this can introduce significant risk to your bike – with bumps and scrapes proving commonplace.

Affordability: Simply put, choosing to transport your own bicycle is often much more cost-effective than rental or bringing it yourself. This can allow you to bring any and all accessories required while also guaranteeing that it arrives in perfect condition.

What next?

If you want to learn more about how international shipping can make transporting your bike to and from Europe quick and simple, our team at SuperSent is here to help. With many years’ professional experience, our expert team will work round the clock to ensure that your bicycle is safely delivered where it needs to be – ensuring that, no matter the reason, your model is there when you need it. Using the bespoke customer portal, it's easy for you to book your bikes return at the same time, print your parcel labels, and access your tracking information.