Mountain Bike Shipping: What is it and how can we help?

What is mountain bike shipping?

Being able to transport your model over long and short distances can produce a number of risks. Scratches, dents, and dings can be incredibly common – as can the mounting pressure of ensuring it’s safe; often adding time and stress to your journey.

However, using a mountain bike shipping service can help save time and effort when it matters most.

The SuperSent service allows you to schedule your bicycle’s collection online,using your client portal, and if you opt for packaging our team will arrange your mountain bike shipping box with appropriate packing materials. Once securely stowed in line with our guides on how to pack a mountain bike for shipping, using your portal to book your collection and delivery, you will be able to print your shipping label ready for collection.

SuperSent are experts in ensuring that your bike is picked up and set down exactly per your instructions.

Who would need mountain bike shipping?

Mountain bike shipping is perfect for enthusiasts, professionals, or families looking to ensure that they are able to enjoy a familiar, high quality bike when they arrive without significant cost or stress. As a family or group, you can take advantage of the SuperSent group bookings, potentially saving you money.

This increased capacity for choice when it comes to shipping a mountain bike makes it perfect for group charity cycling events, entry for competitions, or making the most of the challenging and varied terrain that Europe is famous for.

And if you have any specific needs for your individual journey, we’re always happy to listen and accommodate your requirements as much as we possibly can.

What are the benefits of shipping a mountain bike?

Being able to have your mountain bike shipped to anywhere in the UK, Ireland, or throughout Europe and multiple locations across the world carries a number of benefits. These include-

Safety: All our bicycle boxes are highly robust and handled with extreme care. We also offer a range of comprehensive insurance coverage to guarantee complete peace of mind.

Cost Effectiveness: Travelling with a mountain bike is time consuming and costly. Shipping with a reliable company can help you save time, money, and stress.

Convenience: Being able to order collection,delivery and print your shipping label online opens up your options for where your bike can take you. Take on challenging trails, glorious mountain paths, or dirt rides with ease.

What next?

If you are struggling to find a service that fully supports your travel needs, our team at SuperSent is here to help. With many years’ experience providing high-quality, professional care to a wide range of clients – we are perfectly placed to ensure that your mountain bike is transported in a cost-effective, reliable way.