How we ship your bike internationally

International Bike Shipping: What is it and how can we help?

What is international bike shipping?

An essential part of ensuring maximum variety for your cycling experience, international bike shipping with SuperSent allows your bicycle to be promptly collected and safely shipped throughout the world, and sent home again. Using the client order area to book your collection, packaging if needed and return journey, has never been easier.

Normally a logistical nightmare for travellers, this allows users to bring their bike with them for travelling, commuting, work, or pleasure – opening up a range of options and ensuring that you get the most out of your ride.

Who would want international bike shipping?

If you own a bicycle and want to take it anywhere in the UK, Europe, or throughout the world SuperSent is here to help.

Our service is used by a number of riders and individuals, some of which include professional cyclists, groups of holidaymakers, hobbyists and more. Choosing international shipping means that your property will arrive safely – massively opening up your options for your cycle experience.

What does this involve?

If you choose to use our international service, you enter your details through our client area. Once confirmed, ( if you choose packaging) we send one of our dedicated bicycle boxes to your property – allowing you to pack your bike as per our instructions. Once ready, this is collected by a member of our team and transported to your confirmed location at the agreed date – removing stress and hassle when it matters most.

Benefits of using this service include-

Flexibility: Boxing and transporting means that you can have your bike shipped throughout the UK to Europe and other worldwide destinations. This helps provide choice without excessive cost or a hint of compromise.

Safety: Our business is founded on providing safe, efficient care of your bicycle. This includes a protective box, wrapping and packaging, and the highest standards of care throughout the transport process.

Affordability: Simply put, choosing a cycling courier service is the most cost-effective way to safely ensure that your bike gets where it needs to be. We will always be upfront with our costs and work to provide the best option for your bike without compromising on quality.

Convenience: Choosing a courier service takes the stress and effort out of transporting a  bike, allowing you to put your effort and energy where it truly makes the biggest difference.

What next?

If you want to learn more about international shipping or expanding your options for cycle transport, our team at SuperSent is here to help. With comprehensive experience providing courier services for professional and hobbyist cyclists, our team understands the importance of providing a reliable, quality service that ensures your property gets exactly where it needs to be.