A full guide to shipping your bike

What exactly is a bicycle courier?

A classic sight around the streets of busy cities and quiet country towns, bicycles are a day-to-day part of our lives.

However, transporting them safely can be a nightmare.

Whether you’re struggling to secure them on your car, break them down for travel, or ensuring there are no bumps and scrapes – getting them where they need to be can feel like an almost insurmountable task.

But it doesn’t need to be.  

Working with SuperSent, an experienced bicycle courier service, helps remove the stress of having to ship or move your bicycle on your own. Run by a team of delivery professionals, our courier partners safely collect and transport your bicycle to any location throughout the UK, Europe or Internationally. This makes it perfect for those living in remote and busy locations and need their bicycle shipped with the highest degree of care, and on time.

Using the SuperSent client portal, once you have booked your shipping, and perhaps return journey, a courier collects your packaged bicycle. Your client area will provide a shipping label to place on the package and the collecting courier will sign for the bike and start a digital paper trail that can be followed from start to finish, all online. This allows you to keep track of the progress of your parcel through GPS technology and keep you informed about the progress of your bike package.

Online track and trace help ensure that your property is tracked, stored, and delivered with the highest degree of professionalism – making risky travel with your beloved bike a thing of the past.

How does bicycle courier collection work?

Using our easy quote form and picking your bikes required destination, placing your collection booking, and return journey booking, you will be issued your bike package label, to be placed on the bike box, ready for collection.

As standard, any company will require you to secure your package in a bicycle box - a secure storage box keeps your bicycle protected from harm and transported correctly . Strong and tamper-proof, these ensure that your item is protected from any bumps and knocks they may incur along the way.

SuperSent have added a bike with box option in the portal which will conveniently arrive before your collection date, so you can pack your bike with ease in time for the courier.

The three core ways your package will be collected are-

Delivery with Box: If you do not have a box for your package, SuperSent can send a bike box to your address – allowing you to secure your bicycle before the collection date. This gives you enough time to correctly secure your item and make sure it’s safely sealed beforehand.

Standard Delivery( without box): If you have your own bicycle box, this allows you to package your property and hand it over to your chosen courier for delivery. While this can allow you to repurpose older packaging or a professional grade container chosen for the purpose, it will need to be secured in a box before transit.

Once you have your bike package sealed in its travel box, the SuperSent shipping team will come to collect the item, sign for its collection, and provide an online update along the journey. You will then be informed when it has been safely delivered at your chosen location, all of which will be in your personal client portal.

In addition to this, you will also have a range of insurance options available to help give you complete peace of mind when it comes to taking care of an item that has high financial or sentimental value. While every company will comply with the highest standards of professional service, it is important to remember that accidents can happen and, in the unlikely event of loss or breakage, you will be able to remedy the situation quickly and efficiently.

How to choose a bicycle courier?

Thanks to modern technology, it’s never been easier to contact and organise a courier to handle and drop off your package. But, if you’ve never used a courier service before, it can be a little intimidating. The SuperSent team have been professionally shipping bikes for over 5 years, we have gained some detailed knowledge, and also put in place an online system to make the whole process streamlined and user friendly.

Following the steps below can help ensure that your booking goes without a hitch.

Do your research: Before you choose any bicycle courier service, it is important to understand your full range of options and compare it to your specific requirements. For example: Is it worth requesting a box to be delivered in advance to give you enough time to pack, or would you have more peace of mind if you sealed the item yourself in your own bicycle box? At a minimum, this should include looking at where it’s going to be collected from and where it's set to be delivered to – letting you check the logistics for the individuals signing or receiving the item.

Make your decision: Once you have all the information, you can then choose how to proceed. This will involve picking out a day that suits to hand your bicycle over, so be sure to pick a date and time that someone will be home and not cause too much disruption to your daily routine.

Prepare your package: If you decide to use the SuperSent bicycle courier service, it’s time to prepare your bike for transport. This will involve sealing it in your own fit-for-purpose box. It is also helpful to take photographs of the item before it is sealed and packaged to ensure that any disputes can be resolved amicably in the unlikely event that issues arise.

 Why would someone organise a bicycle courier?

Dealing with a specialist courier company such as SuperSent, who arrange hundreds of bike deliveries every year, is a safer option to consider because of the experience that has been gained in providing a bicycle courier service for many years, the team is passionate about getting it right, saving you money, and taking the entire process online.

Bicycle couriers are also perfect for individuals that may have to travel on short notice or those that rely on their bike for their livelihood. Choosing a courier means that your bicycle will be collected, transported safely, and delivered on a set date. This allows you to continue working in a different location or continue exercising or travelling to work with the minimum amount of disruption.

What are the benefits of organising a bicycle courier?

Choosing to arrange a bicycle courier to safely transport your bike carries a number of concrete advantages. These include;

Safety: Choosing to deliver your bicycle through a courier service means that it stays safe and sound from the moment it rests in the back of the van to the second the box touches the ground at your chosen destination. This removes many of the variables that can come with transporting your own bike such as road accidents, bumps and scrapes, or failing to secure it correctly. And with added insurance, if something does happen mid-transit, even the most expensive racing model will be fully covered.

Time and Convenience: When it comes to any sort of travel, logistics can be a nightmare. Whether you are dismantling your bike for car travel, travelling with it by public transport, or stowing it in the back of a moving van; making sure it gets where it needs to be will take significant time and mental effort. Being able to sign over a bike and have it arrive at your chosen location with no stress or hiccups will give you the peace of mind that you want. SuperSent wants you to enjoy the trip and not stress about a potential issue with an unknown bicycle courier, leave it to the experts!

Options:  Being able to have your bike delivered to anywhere within the UK, Europe or even internationally at short notice opens up a range of possibilities for individuals and families that simply wouldn’t exist anywhere else. You can also take advantage of the potential saving if you explore the options for a group booking with SuperSent.

This allows you to save money when it comes to renting equipment while travelling, sell or trade older bikes with ease, or make transport and travel easier when it comes to competing or pursuing your hobbies. This makes it perfect for adding extra flexibility to your holidays, relocating to a new property, taking extended trips or interrailing, or making the sale and trading process quick and easy.

Why choose SuperSent?

When it comes to settling on a reliable courier for your bicycle, it’s essential to not only choose a team that offers a wide range of service but also understands the importance of cost savings, has strong courier partner relationships, understands how to ship a bike effectively, and has worked to create an easy online process for its customers.

With many years of professional experience, SuperSent has dealt with a wide range of clients from families, hobbyists, professional cyclists, businesses, holidaymakers, and much more. Our business has been built on pre-empting problems for customers and meeting issues head on. 

This need for clear, helpful communication has led us to create an elegant online tool that removes stress or complications from the process; implementing a ‘light touch’ ethos that makes your time with us as straightforward and stress free as possible. Our team also strives to provide as much choice as possible. Our company delivers throughout the breadth of the UK, from the remotest areas of Scotland, the crowded cities of England, and the length of Northern Ireland – with our service even extending to Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, and select areas of Southern Ireland.

The SuperSent team will provide the assistance that you need to swiftly and securely transport your bike and ensure that it reaches its end destination safely.