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You can travel like a true digital nomad without the bother of being chained to your luggage at the airport. SuperSent offers an amazing service that forever ends the prospect of dealing with luggage while you travel. You can ship your personal luggage, bulky golf clubs, bicycles, ski equipment -- all the most common things people take on holiday. The best part is that you can book the collection of your baggage and re-delivery on the SuperSent portal to avoid the hassles of prolonged phone enquiries.

The Benefits of Streamlined Travel

You won't have to worry about running for a train with heavy luggage or finding, loading and transporting multiple luggage pieces and sports kits, such as bicycles, surfboards, scuba equipment, etc. Travelling always generates some stress, and it's certainly compounded by hurrying your bags through buses, taxis, trains and airports.

You can relax, enjoy the scenery, people-watch at the airport and arrive at your destination in plenty of time for your luggage delivery. Worrying about your luggage is probably one of the causes of jet lag. 

Sound Reasons for Shipping Luggage with a Third-Party

Anyone travelling with extensive luggage should consider the benefits of shipping baggage separately. The strategy is also great for students travelling to and from university or setting up temporary quarters for a short-term foreign posting. There's also the hassle of checking your luggage at the airport and paying a hefty charge for extra luggage. Shipping by airlines has become cost-prohibitive for travellers on holiday.

How the Process Works

SuperSent has more than five years of experience in shipping luggage and transporting bicycles and sports equipment around the world. The company ships to most destinations. You just need to register for access to the dedicated custom portal, and you can book your own collection and delivery times. You'll receive delivery labels for each piece you plan to ship by email. A courier will pick up your luggage at the proper time. You can book your return date if the dates are available, or you can leave it open-ended and book the return when you're ready.

Tips for a Seamless Luggage Shipping Experience

SuperSent recommends packing your items securely, using bubble wrap to protect breakable items and packing with styrofoam to keep items from shifting. SuperSent will happily send you convenient packing boxes for difficult items, such as musical instruments, snowboards, skis and sports kit.

The company also recommends taking photos of expensive items you might ship to serve as verification for insurance claims if the items are damaged or missing. That's simply good policy for any sort of travel, whether you ship luggage ahead or not.

A luggage shipping service can't remove all risks, but smart planning and shipping ahead greatly reduces the instances of lost luggage, travel inconveniences and damaged property. SuperSent offers door-to-door collection and delivery to your destination and luggage tracking on the company's customer portal for peace of mind and unencumbered travel. Book with SuperSent today here.

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