The experienced SuperSent team is here to help you move your package to over 30 plus
countries, with our wisdom on how to ensure a smooth process through our customer portal,
allowing you to book both collections outbound and the safe return home of your package, plus
track your consignment, you may wonder what can I ship with SuperSent?

Do you need to ship your personal luggage?

Looking forward to your break in the sun or snow? moving your personal luggage especially on
the plane can be both a costly and stressful process. The SuperSent team is here to ease the
cost and the drama of taking it with you, whilst providing you with the reassurance of your
tracking number which can be viewed in your personal portal.
Booking your collection and re-delivery of your personal luggage back home when your holiday
venture finishes at the same time as your outbound booking, will free up your time to invest in
holiday plans.
Let the SuperSent team take care of the process and relax.

Off to college or university how we ship your student luggage.

Attending college or university away from home, and you need a solution to ship your student
luggage, SuperSent can help!
Space can be limited on a coach, airplane or rail journey, how do you move your student
luggage safely, we have the solution.
Ahead of your relocation to your student residence using our client portal system your student
luggage can be collected and delivered securely to your new halls of residence or student
home, and you can track the journey every step of the way. The smooth portal process will also
help you get your student luggage back home when your term is done.

Need to ship your sports equipment? How SuperSent can help

Off to attend a sports competition in the UK or overseas but unsure how to ship your sports
equipment to reach your venue safely, let SuperSent guide you on the process. Our
knowledgeable team has over 5 years of experience in the specialist of shipping bikes.
SuperSent can not only arrange for packaging to prepare your sports equipment but we also
created a portal for you to book your sports equipment consignment online and its safe return all
in one dedicated secure place.

Need to ship your holiday skis or snowboard abroad?

Taking your Skis or snowboard abroad along with you on your plane journey or within your
cramped car is a real headache due to the size. SuperSent are specialists when it comes to
providing relief from the wrangle of trying to move your Skis to your holiday destination. Should
you need packaging to prepare the snowboard or skis to leave, we also have this covered. You
can easily order your packaging in your client portal when you are booking the shipment for
collection and safe return home.

SuperSent can ship your musical instruments.

Shipping your musical instrument packages and parcels to a venue of choice, ahead of your
show will provide you with the peace of mind that you need ahead of a musical show or musical
examination. Musical instruments can be very costly to replace. SuperSent is passionate about
streamlining the process to help ship your instruments safely and empower you to order
relevant packaging if needed, arrange competent insurance, and easily book the whole process
in one place, your customer portal.