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How to package your parcel ready to be shipped

Some great tips we wish to share with you, to help when you prepare your parcel for safe transit. 

Firstly consider reusing packaging from previous deliveries. There may be items that you have kept or stored from previous deliveries, with sustainability and reduction of single use plastics, re-using packaging from deliveries from the past means that less ends up unnecessarily in landfill, and you save money instead of purchasing new.


What can I use to package my parcel?

Make use of strong double ply cardboard boxes.
We recommend that you use strong double ply cardboard boxes to send your package. You may already have boxes stored away in the home or office that will be suitable for reuse.

Large cardboard boxes are really handy to keep. Keep hold of any waste from deliveries, help you save money, ask a local shop who may need to pay to dispose of.  The bigger the boxes the more useful they can be.

Build the box as all cardboard boxes are sent flat packed if purchased new, using tape to reinforce the edges and build the strength into the sides.


Packing items you will need

  • Strong cardboard boxes
  • A roll of bubble wrap - to help protect your items
  • Styrofoam - to help build supportive structure to the box
  • Packing tape  - needed for sealing the box and also adding strength to the inner walls

You have options on different sizes for bubble wrap. There are different sizes of bubbles available, the larger bubble wrap is best suited to larger bulkier items reducing the room within the box for movement, offering a higher level of protection:

  • Strong card paper or balls of newspaper can be used to create a stable environment for the contents.
  • Bubble wrap tends to be supplied as new on a roll, you have a few different types to consider, depending on your item that needs to be protected within the box.
  • Standard size bubble wrap - great for lighter generalist parcels.
  • Foam & Self adhesive bubble wrap, great for lining the inside of boxes and cartons.
  • Anti-static Bubble wrap, ideal for use with some electrical items and devices.
  • Protecting a package with support internally.

Consider using strong packing paper, which can be bent into position.Be creative when packaging items for transit, consider how much is enough to provide protection and coverage to reduce movement.


Pack to ensure that the weight of the parcel is evenly distributed

Pack delicate items into the middle of the box, supported on all sides with additional bulking support, such as bubble wrap or foam padding.
Fragile items can be placed in a smaller box first, wrapped in bubble wrap, then padded out in a larger outer box for even extra impact support from any bumps along the transit.

Items such as mugs or ceramics should be wrapped in bubble wrap, to help with any impact that may cause damage during transit.


Give the parcel a once over before taping up

Once wrapped take a look at what parts of the item may have any potential weak points, go over the item again and pay special attention to these more vulnerable areas. Such as legs or handles, then pack further to reduce any opportunity for the item to move or become dented.

If you have multiple items in one box look to pack items snug together with any pockets left for movement filled with bubble wrap or additional styrene.

What type of packing tape can be used?

We recommend that you invest in a good quality packing tape to ensure it sticks to the card and inner cartons, if you have packed the items in well. For a strong performing tape explore your options on acrylic polypropylene tape at around 3 inches. If you have a tape dispenser, wrapping the package and sealing it with tape can take some time, with a dispenser you will be able to seal the box much quicker. 


Sending a big and bulky electronic item?

Tie and wrap plugs or wires separately, doing this will make sure they stay in place, less likely to rattle around the package in transit, and easy to re-assemble when delivered.

Does your item have a fair bit of weight and bulk, such as an electronic screen or monitor?

We recommend using a double walled box that will allow you to create strength to the structure by using packaging tape to create inner hinges to the box, as well as sealing the outside. 


Large items need more protection

Wrap your large item in a layer of protection such as bubble wrap. A double layer of bubble wrap will help, reducing any weak areas and providing extra protection. Go around the item and press to see if there are any thin or vulnerable areas, if so add an extra layer to stop any cracking during shipping. Ensuring the item is covered equally in a protective layer will make sure your large item is nice and sturdy and helps to reduce movement in transit.

Don't be afraid to use even more packing tape to secure the wrapping and provide more coverage. To lessen the chance of impact whilst the box is being handled multiple times during its journey, think about using more bubble wrap or styrofoam pieces to the base and sides providing protection from knocks and bumps during the journey.

Protect areas and padding to edges and sides, to keep the items snug and reduce movement, then secure with tape.

Wrap your box all the way around with packing tape for added strength, take the time on larger boxes to reduce the chance of breaking open during transit, and don’t forget to ensure all of the seams are taped securely. 
A little additional tip, don't forget to include any electronic manuals or remotes!

How do I weigh my parcel?

Take a look at what you already have in the home or office, do you have availability for Kitchen scales, (best for smaller items), or do you have bathroom scales that can be used to weigh your package, for larger boxes luggage straps and travel scales can work well. You can then contact us for an accurate quote.
We will need the dimensions and weight of your packages, along with any additional details, ensuring we help you with a correct and accurate cost for your package delivery.

**Once your package has been booked with us, you will receive an email confirming your shipment. You will find your labels in your account area next to the consignment in question.>


***You will need to check what custom or import fees or charges may apply to your parcel once they reach your destination, some countries such as the USA may require a commercial invoice to be attached in an external window sticker, where the customs and import department will check the details of the parcel against any tax or import charges due.( please check with client that this is the case)***