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Why use SuperSent to Ship your Parcel (up to 10kg)

Exploring multiple websites for the cheapest way to ship your parcel (up to 10kg) can be very time-consuming. The SuperSent online parcel shipping solution has been created for ease of use, saving our customers money and time.
Shipping parcels up to 10kg is a speciality for the SuperSent team. Working with our trusted shipping partners to deliver parcels globally, we have created a solution for our customers to look up costs online using our quote system and create a customer account area storing all of your parcel shipping information in one place.
Using the SuperSent client area enables easy booking of parcel collections up to 10kgs, the printing of shipping labels, and the ability to trace the parcel's journey online with a dedicated tracking number.

Where can SuperSent Ship your Parcel (up to 10kg)

The SuperSent parcel shipping service can send you parcels around the globe, with our courier partners able to securely ship your items to over 30 plus countries. 

Due to our strong network of courier partners, we can negotiate some of the most competitive parcel shipping costs in the UK. We pass the parcel shipping saving across to our customers, whilst also providing options for competent insurance policies that can be booked online at the same time as your collection protecting your goods whilst in transit.

The SuperSent team are experts in the shipping of jewellery and bikes and also help students ship their luggage affordably. We also help ease the burden for families by sending their suitcases ahead of time to their destination and safely shipping skis and snowboards abroad.

Who uses SuperSent to ship parcels up to 10kg

The SuperSent customer network extends across individuals looking to ship a parcel up to 10kg across many countries, safely and as cost-effectively as possible, to business owners sending goods out to their customer base.

As our courier partners will collect directly from your chosen location, SuperSent can support business owners looking to ship parcels up to 10kg to their customers from home if needed.

We see our clients return time and time again, to take advantage of both our competitive costs and easy online client portal.

How SuperSent helps business owners

Business owners looking to ship a parcel up to 10kg can save time and costs by using the group booking system. As the SuperSent online client area provides ease of booking the shipment, easy print of shipping labels, and a full digital track and trace service.

Online parcel tracing benefits business owners with the ability to provide a delivery number to their customers, to keep an eye on their parcel whilst out for delivery.

For businesses sending parcels up to 10kg containing high-value items, the SuperSent portal allows access to complete insurance solutions for the goods should there be any issues in transit. Insurance is purchased easily online whilst booking the outbound shipment.

Busy businesses are likely to be sending multiple parcels up to 10kg daily, SuperSent looked to provide a solution online that would keep all shipping labels and delivery tracking information all in one place.

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