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Why would you use SuperSent to ship a 30kg parcel

Looking to move a heavy item weighing 30kg can be an expensive challenge, that's why the SuperSent team of shipping experts can save you time and money when you need a courier to collect a 30kg parcel.

Booking a collection and tracing the item every step of the way is made possible using the SuperSent online customer portal. It's easy to obtain your competitive quote online for shipping your 30kg parcel and compared against other pricing, the SuperSent strong courier partnerships have allowed us to become one of the most competitive online courier suppliers within the UK.

With all your shipping needs covered in one place online, shipping parcels has never been easier. The SuperSent online client area allows you to obtain quotes, bookings for collections, labels for shipping and the digital traceability of your parcel. Due to the low cost of our shipping service, we welcome back customers for repeat courier services time and time again.

Who looks to ship 30kg parcels 

SuperSent works with businesses who may need to ship large items up to 30kg, such as musical instruments, bicycles for sale or repair, large electronic devices or even antiques.

For businesses owners, the SuperSent client area makes sending parcel orders of 30kg containing sold goods, not only cost-effective but also streamlines the process saving them time. With the added benefit of businesses being able to keep their clients updated on the shipping process with the digital tracking code. 

For individuals running online shops, and looking for a cost-effective solution to ship parcels up to 30kg, cost savings can also be made with group bookings.

How SuperSent provides parcel tracking

Using the SuperSent online order and customer area, all your parcel and box shipping details remain in one place. Once you have booked your 30kg parcel for collection, you will be provided with a shipping label. As an online courier service, you will have the option to check on the delivery status and location of your parcel through the online tracking information system. If you are running a business, your clients will appreciate the smooth service you can provide once your parcel has been despatched, helping grow your business, and make your customer fans of your great customer support.

Sometimes shipping parcels 30kg can be time-sensitive, SuperSent can offer the same day service, to move your parcel from A to B within a speedy timescale.

Who currently uses SuperSent to ship parcels 30kg

SuperSent customers include individuals, looking to send parcels 30kg within the UK, Europe and Internationally, as we provide parcel shipping services alongside detailed insurance to over 30 plus countries.

For businesses running online commerce sites selling musical instruments, furniture, bikes, and even electronics with the ease of booking shipping through the SuperSent portal we have become courier partners to ensure the goods arrive with the customers safely and are traceable every step of the way.

For individuals planning a ski or snowboarding trip, using the SuperSent online courier service, we help move sports equipment to over 30 plus countries and safely return them home again. SuperSent can also help with your packaging.

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