If the goods you are sending have a value of over £1,000, each item should be individually and descrtely packaged.

What you need to do:

  • Take photos of your package before it is collected, so that any damage incurred during delivery can be proven as occuring after collection
  • Accurately confirm the value of the item(s) you are shipping upon placing your order
  • Retain proof of value of the items you are shipping

Our responsabilities for loss or damage are further covered in the Terms & Conditions. 

How SuperSent Insurance protects your item


Our specialist team is passionate about providing you with peace of mind during the parcel shipping journey.

Replacing and repairing damaged items after a misdemeanour in transit can be very costly.

Our robust insurance policies to protect your item is favoured by many repeat clients, as it provides a complete insurance solution protecting your items up to £25,000 should the worst happen.

Many other generalist courier insurance packages may only provide you with financial protection worth a couple of thousand. Shipping high-value items will leave you financially vulnerable with a less specialist insurance policy in place.


Domestic Shipping Insurance

Booking domestic shipping insurance with SuperSent has never been so easy. With our unique insurance for shipping high-value personal goods such as jewellery ahead of a celebratory event, or protecting your sports equipment such as high-value sports bikes, we have your insurance covered.


What sort of personal items do we cover?


  • Personal jewellery
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Personal Luggage
  • Student Luggage
  • Snowboards
  • Skis
  • Specialist sports equipment


And many more!


With the SuperSent shipping insurance, you can cover your personal item up to £25,000 compared to other online courier insurance options, that will cap your payout to a significantly smaller value.


Our insurance policies are easy to view online at the time of booking your goods for outbound delivery and return if needed, making the whole process swift, easy, cost-effective and hassle-free.


Business Shipping Insurance


SuperSent has provided an insurance solution for our business users if you find yourselves shipping items to your buyers on an ad-hoc basis, our insurance allows you to quickly view costs to enable you to factor the cost to charge your customer to include a robust insurance policy for the shipment.


Why should businesses use SuperSent for Shipping insurance


SuperSent saves businesses money on their insurance. By using the SuperSent shipping insurance solutions there is no need to commit to a monthly insurance policy with the potential to be paying for a policy that is not needed every single month. Annual insurance policies can be costly especially if you do not need insurance protection for the entire year, just when you need to ship ad-hoc items to your customers after a sale.


The SuperSent online portal gives you the flexibility to book insurance cover for your item only when needed, allowing you to avoid expensive annual insurance policies.

As the SuperSent team are experienced in shipping items globally, we have created an insurance solution that provides accurate insurance cover tailored to the goods final destination so you pay for the policy that applies to the country of the delivery, for example, Poland or the USA.


How does shipping insurance work?

Shipping Insurance should be tailored to the cost of your item shipped, alongside the destination required for the delivery or collection to return home. Your insurance policy will be unique to your shipping cover needs.


What if you need to make a claim?

With the SuperSent insurance solution available to view online before you book, gives you peace of mind should you ever need to claim. With specialist claims teams in place for you to contact instantly to report an issue upon delivery, you can rest assured that you are covered.

Shipping Insurance Details

  • Insurance is one way – per leg of shipping
  • Full out contact form to claim insurance here, providing order number and explination of what has happened
  • Incident must be reported within 24 hours
  • SuperSent will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss the claim and request any further information
  • All details are set out in the T&Cs here